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Build Your Custom Leather Pouch

Build your own custom leather pouch.
We will take you step by step to build the leather pouch you want to hold all your favorite accessories.
You can add as many accessories as you would like.

Step 1
EDC Custom Leather Build Your Own Pouch
This is the starting point of building your customize leather pouch it consist of a knife, pen and flashlight pouch.
It comes standard with the HK Hook to change to the Standard Hook or remove the hook click on the drop down list and click on the ADD Button then, select your main colour from the drop down list, and click the button.
HK Hook
HK Hook
Std Hook
Standard Hook
R 650.00(VAT incl.)
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EDC / Colour Option
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Step 2
Select from the drop down list the your knife, if it's not available in the list please select none of the above and we will phone you and assist you with your knife measurements.
When you're done click on the button to confirm your knife.
Knife / 81EDC Knife
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Build your own leather pouch for leatherman
Choose if you would like the knife pouch to be open or closed and then click on the button.
Knife Pouch / 81EDC Knife Flap
R 0.00(VAT incl.)
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Almost there now click on the drop down list to select your pen size, you can also customize the clolour pouch of the pen. You can also remove the pen.
Make sure you click on the button when done.

Pen Size/ 81EDC Pen
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Custom EDC leather Pouch
Now select from the drop down list your flashlight size and click on the
Flashlight / 81EDC
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Leather Flashlight Pouch
Step 3 Add-Ons
Now that we have the basic information to start build your custom pouch, we can go ahead and add some extra features.

  • If you would like to add a pistol magazine select from the drop down list to add it to your custom build.
  • You can choose if the pouch must me open or closed.
Pistol Mag EDC
R 120.00(VAT incl.)
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EDC Custom Build Mag Pouch
You can also customize your EDC pouch with laser printing.
Select between a (Name, a few words, Logo or if you would like a graphic design)

At the Checkout you can type the Name, Initials or a few words you would like to laser print.
Customize your name or initials with Laser.
Insert your name or initials at the checkout.
R 50.00(VAT incl.)
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Customize a Logo or Picture with laser.
R 95.00(VAT incl.)
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Custom Design of logo or picture rate per hour.
R 240.00(VAT incl.)
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Now that we have added al the information go to the top and click on the basket to checkout.
Please make sure to review your order at the checkout.

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